Two weeks accomplished.

Eight more to go! 👙

It’s irritating when things don’t go according to plan. Sure, things get in the way or things come up unexpectedly, but it’s even more irritating when people don’t try to understand. Now I remember why I stop asking.


Haven’t felt this angry and irritated in awhile. I swore at one point I breathe out a fire.

Random thinking…

(But not really…)

I can’t wait to go on another adventure. I love traveling! I love exploring! I love new places!

Here’s the start of something amazing!

Here’s the start of something amazing!

This is the start of something amazing.


Sorry I’m not sorry.

It’s not all about you. Get that through your head.

I don’t want to jinx it, but I have such a good class this year! Love the little ones! But again, it’s only the second week of school :/

A lot of guesses..

I guess sometimes I just don’t understand how some things turn out. One second you think “yeah, I agree with you..” And the other second that person turns around and is showing the complete opposite of what he or she have said. Just don’t make sense you know..? And it’s like, “Ok, I guess you didn’t mean what you said?” Then it turns defensive like “whoa, I guess I’m sorry for not feeling sorry at all.”

It’s just confusing.